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Question everything, or shut up and become a victim of authority

question everything.jpg" To permanently solve the social question, he's propose shared humanity into two unequal parts. A tenth will get the absolue freedom and unlimited authority over the other nine which will lose their personnality and become something of a herd Dostoyevsky ( The possessed P 401)..." Globalia a scenario by J.C Ruffin. At the end of the Second World War and the Gold War Bussiness leaders agreed to create common markets, or indeed any semblance of perfect freedom... But with a very high price. ( cf Titre original : The Slump of the 1930s and the crisis today ( cf International Socialism: The slump of the 1930s and the crisis today -


As long as there, in that laws and manners, a social damnation artificially creating, in full civilization, the underworld, and complicating an inevitable human destiny that is divine, as the three problems of the century, degradation of ...man by the proletariat, the disqualification of women through hunger, the atrophy of the child through the night, will not be solved, as in certain regions, social asphyxia is possible; In other words, and a broader perspective yet, while there is on earth ignorance and misery, books on the nature of it will not be useless. "(Victor Hugo, Hauteville House, 1862)


Question everything, or shut up and become a victim of authority" or "To be or not be. " People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. "" What are they, how we are. A small number of people facing the click. People, wake up. Stand up, Get Up Get Up Stand Up. Hymn to call for equality and fighting for rights man, Bob will perform at each concert from 1973 to 1980. http://lpdw.free.fr/BobMarley/getup (t).htm 


Bob Marley song is a GEM for These Times." exactly like John Lennon and Yoko Uno, both for their music as for their political commitment and his famous song "I Imagine.  cf La ferme des animaux – Animal Farm – by Georges Orwell



Parfois, les Stones jouaient la même chanson, chaque nuit, pendant une semaine”

LE FIL MUSIQUE - 1971. Les Rolling Stones, “harcelés” par le fisc, s’exilent sur la Riviera. Keith Richards se réfugie dans la villa Nellcôte qu’il aménage en studio de fortune, bientôt rejoint par sa bande, dans une ambiance très sex & drugs & rock'n'roll. Le photographe Dominique Tarlé sera le témoin privilégié de ces sessions, qui accoucheront du mythique album “Exile on main street”( wikipédia). Il commente ses images, des images largement reprises dans “Rolling Stones, la French Connections”, diffusé ce soir sur France 5. Lire la suite, voir les extraits :


Rolling Stones, la French Connection, jeudi 10, 20.35, France 5.  Rediffusion le 27 Juin à 5h50. Le documentaire est visible sur le site de France 5 jusqu'au jeudi 17 juin 2010 à 20:36




Rock & Folk, et moi, et moi, et moi! /

Chers Internautes,

J’ai le grand plaisir de vous communiquer le programme du 35e Paléo Festival Nyon! We are delighted to be able to communicate the content of the line-up for the 35th Paléo Festival Nyon!

Indochine, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jacques Dutronc, Iggy and the Stooges, M, Jamiroquai, NTM, Alain Souchon, N*E*R*D, Diam’s, Johnny Clegg,..... telle est la succulente brochette de têtes d’affiche du 35ème Paléo Festival Nyon. Une édition assaisonnée de belles découvertes d’ici et d’ailleurs. Au Village du Monde, l’Afrique australe, vaste région aux cultures plurielles, prendra ses quartiers en musique, en saveurs et en ambiances colorées six jours durant....

 ...are just some of the succulent ingredients included in the star-studded line-up of the 35th Paléo Festival Nyon. An edition seasoned with some spicy discoveries from home and abroad. At the Village du Monde, Southern Africa, a vast region in which many cultures and traditions meet, will be settling in for the six days of the event and bringing its music, flavours and a highly colourful atmosphere.

Le programme jour par jour à télécharger / Download the line-up day by day / Das Programm Tag um Tag zum Downloaden here. ici. hier.

Toutes les infos sur les artistes en cliquant /  For all information about artists, click / Für sämtliche Informationen über Artisten, klicken Sie  ici.

Les billets et abonnements sont en vente dès le mercredi 21 avril à midi (tarifs préférentiels jusqu’au 30 avril) sur www.paleo.ch ainsi que dans les points de vente habituels. Tickets and passes go on sale at midday on Wednesday 21st April (preferential tariffs apply until 30th April) on www.paleo.ch and at the usual sales outlets./

Au plaisir! See you!


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